General Prayut Unveils Plan to Boost Everyone’s Prosperity

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has asked Thais to remain united as the government launches Thailand’s greatest infrastructure-building program.
Addressing the public on Friday, he unveiled his administration’s ambitious plan to bring the country to the heart of the 21st century now that the Covid-19 situation has improved and the economy started recovering.
“For far too long, short-term governments have delivered short-term, quick-fix solutions to poverty for various reasons. Or they have used various types of handout programmes which, of course, help to ease our pain and are needed during crises, but they are not sustainable long-term solutions, and they certainly don’t make anyone rich,” he said.
General Prayut insisted that poverty cannot be solved with short-term policies and handouts. Therefore, he has urged Thai citizens to come together and complete all the long-term assignments to benefit the country and themselves in all aspects.
The prime minister also revealed his government is set to work on a three-pronged program to lift national prosperity.
He explained the policy includes three objectives, including further developing the nation’s structure and boosting its industrial development to increase workforce wealth. Another constituent part is the foundation building, aimed at helping residents build a prosperous future with financial fall-back.
The current multi-year transportation program, which includes roadways, railways, airports and seaports, also aims to bolster people’s prosperity.
“The reason for that focus on making them happen is because I know that once these, high-speed rail, road, seaport, and airport projects are completed they will then be connected like a big jigsaw,” he stated.
After that, the nation’s prosperity is expected to surge and citizens would be equipped with a better infrastructure to increase wealth for themselves and Thailand.
His big-picture strategy’s second prong to increase Thais’ wealth has to do with the automotive industry.
While the sector has been the major player in the country’s prosperity for over three decades, the automotive industry is at risk and manufacturers should consider new electric vehicle trends.
“I have, therefore, been driving a programme to make Thailand a global production hub for one of the world’s most important industries of the future: the manufacture of electric vehicles. We must keep auto manufacturers here, and we must make it easy for them to grow their businesses,” General Prayut added.
As the plan’s third phase, foundation-building, the government expects to help Thai citizens build sustainable prosperity through the banking sector.