Government Asked To Reveal Pfizer Vaccine Distribution

Former Pheu Thai MP, Dr. Tossaporn Serirak, has demanded the government to fully disclose the distribution plan for Pfizer vaccines donated by the United States to Thailand.

Dr. Tossaporn, who claims to represent the “people’s sector,” asked the Public Health Minister to reveal all details about the distribution of 1.5 million Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine doses.

The petition was submitted Wednesday morning to Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul.

He told the media he had received complaints from various front-line doctors and other healthcare workers, including staff involved in caring for Covid-19 patients and in disposing of disease-infected waste, about the Pfizer jabs’ distribution.

Besides expressing doubts about the donated vaccines’ administration, they pointed out that several people who should not receive jabs have been vaccinated with Pfizer shots.

Dr. Tossaporn recommended the government to make public who would receive the Pfizer vaccine.

He said authorities could employ the same method they use to reveal eligible voters, whose names are posted at polling units to ensure transparency.

The former MP also stated that the 40,000 Pfizer vaccine doses reserved for students and ex-pats expecting to travel abroad were unnecessary.

He argued that donated jabs should go to front-line doctors, foreigners residing in Thailand, and people with health conditions.

Later, Mr. Anutin denied claims about a special vaccine quota for VIPs or privileged groups.

He stated that the government had fairly distributed Pfizer vaccine doses to ensure that all front-line doctors are inoculated without discrimination.

To date, Thailand has administered more than 324,000 Pfizer “booster” shots.

Dr. Tossaporn has become a familiar face in protests organized by the anti-establishment, anti-government Ratsadon group.

He became famous after being arrested and charged with violating the emergency decree while helping injured demonstrators at Friday’s rally.

On Monday, the Pathumwan Municipal Court granted him bail on the condition that he does not face similar charges again.

However, Dr. Tossaporn insists that he will continue his battle for democracy.