Immigration To Review Swiss Man’s Visa After Phuket Assault

Immigration officials will review the visa of a Swiss citizen involved in an assault incident in Phuket, as confirmed by Adul Chuthong, the deputy governor of Phuket. He added that immigration has the final say in visa-related matters.

Comparative aerial shots of Cape Yamu reveal the area’s development from 2002 to the previous year, according to the Phuket Info Center.

Based on details provided by immigration, Mr. Adul mentioned that Urs Fehr, also known as David, holds a visa set to expire on March 13. Mr. Fehr is known for operating several businesses in Thailand and for having a foundation registered in his name.

“Immigration will review Mr. Fehr’s visa status and decide on extending the visa upon its expiration,” stated Mr. Adul, noting that the legality of Mr. Fehr’s business ventures and foundation in Thailand is also being reviewed.

Mr. Fehr faced severe criticism after Thandao Chandam, a 26-year-old doctor from Dibuk Hospital, accused him of assaulting her and a friend by kicking them while they were stargazing on the beach adjacent to his rented villa on February 24.

He defended his actions by claiming they were trespassing on his property, although it was later determined that the stairs they were near were on public land.

Mr. Adul disclosed that Mr. Fehr was given a month to remove the stairs.

Should Mr. Fehr fail to act, the local authorities are prepared to remove the stairs themselves and bill him for the expenses incurred, Mr. Adul stated.

Mr. Fehr faces assault charges, and the incident has sparked calls for a comprehensive investigation into his property and business dealings.

The deputy governor has reassured the community that actions will be taken against those who illegally occupy public spaces and those who act unlawfully.

Governor Sopon Suwanrat has directed district leaders and security personnel to conduct a detailed inquiry and report their findings.

Pol Lt Gen Surapong Thanomjit, the chief of Provincial Police Region 8, announced on Monday that the police are committed to thoroughly investigating the case. He mentioned that immigration police have the authority to cancel the visas of those found guilty of crimes and to deport them.

In a recent social media update by the Phuket Times, Dr. Thandao expressed gratitude for the public support and advocated for the restoration of public access to the beach where the assault occurred.