IMPACT To Build ‘Sky Entrance’, Linking to MRT Pink Line Station

Bangkok Land Plc, which manages the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre in Nonthaburi province, is allocating 195 million baht for the construction of the “Sky Entrance.”

This innovative elevated pathway is intended to connect the centre directly to the upcoming Muang Thong Thani Station on the MRT Pink Line.

On Friday, Paul Kanjanapas, the company’s chief executive officer, announced that the Mass Rapid Transit Authority (MRTA) has achieved 30% completion in constructing an extended section of the Pink Line train.

This extension, covering roughly 3 kilometers and featuring two stations — MT-01, also known as Muang Thong Thani Station, and MT-02, or Muang Thong Lake Station — is expected to be operational for commuters by 2025.

As construction advances on the two stations and train tracks, Bangkok Land is concurrently developing its Sky Entrance, Paul added.

This structure will link the MT-01 station directly with the IMPACT Challenger Hall, facilitating access for commuters going to the exhibition centre.

The firm is investing 195 million baht to construct a 230-meter linkage bridge in coordination with the station, and an adjacent new lobby at the IMPACT Challenger Hall, located at the intersection of the pathway.

To enhance the commuter experience, prominent LED displays will be installed within this lobby, offering real-time updates on incoming trains for individuals departing from IMPACT, he explained.

Paul mentioned that construction of the Sky Entrance is scheduled to commence in the early part of the upcoming year, with an estimated construction timeframe of roughly 14 months.

The project is anticipated to be completed by March 2025, aligning with the inauguration of Muang Thong Thani Station.

In the interim, the company intends to provide a complimentary shuttle bus service from Si Rat station to IMPACT, beginning next month and continuing until the new station is operational, to support commuters traveling to the exhibition centre.

The CEO also stated that IMPACT’s engineers will collaborate with the construction contractor to give top priority to visitor safety.

Their goal is to ensure smooth traffic flow and maintain the aesthetic appeal of the landscape at IMPACT’s entrance throughout the construction period, guaranteeing that everything stays pristine until the project’s completion in July 2025.