Khon Kaen’s LRT System Project To Begin Construction in 2025

Khon Kaen is on the brink of revolutionizing its public transportation system with the debut of the first Light Rail Transit (LRT) initiative outside Bangkok. The project is set to commence construction in 2025.

Beginning with the ‘Tram Noy’ pilot at Bueng Kaen Nakhon Reservoir, the project is poised for substantial expansion, aiming to boost urban connectivity and reduce traffic congestion.

The project’s initial step involves building a 4.4-kilometer LRT track around the Bueng Kaen Nakhon Reservoir.

Having finalized the feasibility study, the project is set to move from the planning stage to implementation, necessitating an investment of 650 million baht. The construction period is projected to span roughly two years, aiming for the service to commence in 2027.

This pilot project serves as the groundwork for a broader LRT network in Khon Kaen, underscoring the city’s dedication to upgrading its transport systems.

After the ‘Tram Noy’ test runs, the city is poised to make a significant leap with the launch of the main LRT line project.

The proposed Samran to Tha Phra route, covering 22.8 kilometers, marks a significant step in infrastructure development, with an estimated budget of 26.963 billion baht.

Negotiations are underway with banks to obtain advantageous loan rates for the Samran-Tha Phra line, alongside comprehensive area surveys.

The completion of these initial activities is anticipated within the year, paving the way for a 2025 construction start and a 2028 operational launch.

Khon Kaen’s adoption of the LRT system represents an important upgrade in public transit, symbolizing a move towards sustainable urban travel that could inspire other Thai cities.

The shift from private vehicles to the LRT is expected to cut traffic jams, reduce pollution, and enhance living standards for the city’s inhabitants.

Moreover, this venture positions Khon Kaen as a frontrunner in urban progress, likely drawing further investments and spurring economic development in the area.

As Khon Kaen progresses with this transformative urban initiative, the LRT project exemplifies the city’s progressive outlook and commitment to sustainable growth.

Upon completion, the project promises a more interconnected and efficient future for both residents and tourists, establishing a model for urban development across Thailand.