Labour Day Protests: Workers Demand Higher Minimum Wage

Labor supporters and human rights advocates gathered at Government House on Monday, urging the government to increase the daily minimum wage to 700 baht and establish a fund for assisting laid-off employees.

The demonstrators, led by political activists Somyot Prueksakasemsuk and Thanaporn Wichian, proceeded to Phitsanulok Mansion and Government House in an attempt to present their suggestions to the government.

Ms. Thanaporn stated that the proposal included concepts that would not only enhance workers’ well-being but also strengthen their negotiating capacity with their employers.

If accepted, she explained, the proposal would not only enable employees to meet their daily living expenses but also more effectively safeguard their rights as workers, noting that existing regulations do not offer adequate protection for employees.

A separate group led by the Labour Congress of Thailand (LCT) also coordinated a march on Monday, which commenced at Makkhawan Rangsan Bridge and concluded at Lan Khon Muang in front of City Hall.

After commending the Ministry of Labour for its accomplishments over the past 2.5 years, Chinchote Saengsang, LCT president, recited the organization’s seven demands.

These demands encompassed the creation of risk insurance for workers and permitting subscribers to track the performance of the state’s social security program for employees.

The group additionally called for raising pension payout from 3,000 baht a month to 5,000 baht a month to better align with the average laborer’s actual expenses.

Moreover, they requested that the government sign two International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions and follow through on its commitment to increase the daily wage to 425 baht per day, which was pledged prior to the 2019 election, he added.

In the previous general election campaign, similar commitments were made by various parties. The governing Palang Pracharath Party vowed to elevate the daily wage to between 400 and 425 baht, a promise that remains unfulfilled.

At the same time, Pheu Thai pledged to raise the rate to 400 baht per day for voters.

Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin assured that if he were reappointed to office, the ministry would execute all of the proposals.

He also mentioned that the ministry is considering increasing the pension payout.