Man Faces Eight Charges After Sneaking Into Suvarnabhumi Airport

On Tuesday, Suvarnabhumi airport’s authorities chased and arrested a motorcyclist who caused havoc after breaking into a restricted area.

Suvarnabhumi General Manager Kittipong Kittikachorn revealed the incident’s details yesterday, explaining that the man drove his motorcycle across the airport’s aircraft apron, a restricted area, at around 11:53 a.m. on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old man, later identified as Vachara Khambut from Loei province, reportedly slipped through a gate for Suvarnabhumi’s officials when a van entered. He was believed to be high.

Airport security cameras showed security guards chasing after him as he ran wildly and brandished a steel ax near the No. 101 aircraft parking area.

Mr. Kittipong said Mr. Vachara had pointed a gun at the security guards and ordered them to back off while driving his motorcycle across the restricted site.

Suvarnabhumi security personnel managed to arrest the intruder about 10 minutes after he climbed the stairs to the Gate 3A pedestrian bridge, broke a glass door, and tried to enter a passenger building. According to the airport’s general manager, both Mr. Vachara and some security guards were slightly injured by the door’s broken glass.

Mr. Kittipong said the security staff’s response was in line with international airport practice, explaining that they had not used weapons to detain the man because it is “the last resort, for the safety of air travellers.”

Also, when asked why airport representatives had not provided details about the incident earlier, he stated that he was unable to answer questions initially since Mr. Vachara was allegedly drugged.

A video showing the chaos after the intruder entered the airport’s apron went viral on social media. Mr. Kittipong later confirmed the incident, clarifying that it had not disrupted flights or services on Tuesday.

Mr. Vachara remains in detention at Suvarnabhumi Police Station. Authorities filed eight charges against him, including violating Section 19 of the 2015 Aviation Act for carrying a weapon affecting airport security, trespassing in a restricted area, and property damage.

If found guilty of violating the Aviation Act, the man could face maximum death sentences, life in prison, or a fine of up to 800,000 baht.