Ministry Aims To Put Muay Thai, Thai Costumes on UNESCO List

The Ministry of Culture is set to present on the topics of Muay Thai and Thai traditional dress to the cabinet today for further submission to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), as reported by a news source from the Government House.

The presentations, titled “Muay Thai: Thai Traditional Boxing” and “Chud Thai: The Knowledge, Craftsmanship, and Practices of the Thai National Costume,” aim to have these elements of Thai culture recognized and added to UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In December of the previous year, UNESCO included Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year festival, in this prestigious list. In response, the government extended this year’s Songkran Festival from its usual three days to 21 days, from April 1 to April 21, as a celebration.

The ministry previously stated that its efforts to have Thai cultural elements recognized by UNESCO are in line with the government’s strategy to leverage Thai cultural influence as a means to boost the economy.

The Culture Ministry aims to secure a place for Muay Thai and Thai traditional costumes on the UNESCO list.

The upcoming cabinet meeting on Tuesday is set to discuss several key topics, as reported by the source.

These include a proposal by the Ministry of Transport to set a new cap on airport service charges.

A request from the Ministry of Commerce for approval to start economic partnership talks with South Korea.

A draft memorandum of understanding on bilateral cooperation in foreign affairs between Thailand and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A proposal from the Ministry of the Interior regarding the application of a disciplinary provision in the Civil Service Act of 2008 to local leaders such as subdistrict chiefs and village headmen.

An amendment proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to the ASEAN Sectoral Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Inspection and Certification Systems on Food Hygiene for Prepared Foodstuff Products (MRA on PF).

A suggestion from the Ministry of Labour to exempt migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar from re-entry visa requirements when they return home for the Songkran Festival.