Myanmar Earthquake Shakes Buildings in Thailand on Monday

A sequence of earthquake, originating from the southern coastal region of Myanmar, were distinctly noticeable in Bangkok and its vicinity on Monday morning.

The initial earthquake, registering a magnitude of 6.0, happened at a depth of 10 kilometres at 8:40am.

The Thai Meteorological Department’s Earthquake Observation Division disclosed that the epicentre was situated approximately 289km southwest of the Phop Phra district in Thailand’s Tak province.

Two subsequent aftershocks were observed near Myanmar’s southern coast at 8:57am and 10:46am, measuring 3.6 and 4.4 on the Richter scale, respectively.

These shake activities were noticeable in areas like Nonthaburi and Bangkok, particularly for residents in skyscrapers. There were no immediate accounts of damage or loss of life.

In Bangkok, the shakes were documented on social media by residents who felt the earthquake.

Twitter user @mefanw reported: “Silom…in Surawong area. Felt like the building is wobbling. Going down the building for safety. #earthquake.”

In the Bang Sue district, the vibrations were significantly noticeable at Buranayothin School, where startled students sought shelter.

Twitter user @helloisunmrr exclaimed: “The building is shaking. Please help. In class when it happened. #earthquake #yothinburana”.

In the Khlong Toey district, Twitter user @kanaapz stated: “Earthquake in Khlong Toey. Those in the lift (elevator) felt nothing.” This post was accompanied by a video showing the trembling ceiling lights.

In the Sukhumvit district, known for its numerous office complexes, employees hurried to safer areas.

Twitter user @Chitsanupo57308 uploaded a video capturing people running for cover, with the hashtag #earthquake at Sukhumvit.

Twitter user @kanaapz, located in the Lat Phrao district, also noted: “Earthquake. On 13th floor of a building at Lat Phrao. The lights are swinging. Feeling dizzy. #earthquake.”