Nine New Airlines Set for 2024 Launch As Thai Tourism Booms

As many as nine new airlines are gearing up for their debut in 2024, anticipating a surge in Thailand’s tourism sector.

The Thai government aims to attract 40 million international visitors in 2024, a significant jump from the 27 million recorded in 2023.

With confidence in the near-complete recovery of its tourism industry from the COVID-19 downturn, the Thai government highlights the relaxation of travel restrictions and the reopening of international borders.

The upcoming nine airlines include:

1-Asian Aerospace Service

2-Siam Seaplane

3-Really Cool Air

4-Avanti Air Sarter

5-Landarch Airlines

6-Bangkok Helicopter Services

7-Pattaya Airways

8-Asia Atlantic Airlines

9-P80 Air

Although some of these airlines will focus on regional and domestic journeys or offer limited seating, they are all expected to enhance capacity in Thailand’s aviation market and contribute to tourism growth. Some will also operate international flights.

To support these new airlines’ launch, the government is extending financial assistance, anticipating job creation and economic stimulation. In 2023, about 100 million passengers traveled through airports.

Airports of Thailand Plc (AOT) forecasts that from October 2023 to September 2024, at least 130 million passengers will use its six managed airports, nearing the pre-COVID peak of 2019.

This forecast is in line with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand’s (CAAT) expectations of a 2024 rebound in the aviation sector, with passenger numbers approaching pre-pandemic levels.

Estimates indicate a total of 162 million passengers for the year, including roughly 88.62 million international and 74.05 million domestic travelers.

Despite the growth in Thailand’s aviation industry, it still struggles to meet the escalating demand. AOT, responsible for regulating civilian aviation operations, is expediting approval and licensing processes for airlines to quickly expand their fleets.

Regulatory changes are also being considered to facilitate easier fleet expansion for airlines, responding to the increasing demand for passenger travel.