Pattaya Considers Implementing Operating Hours on Its Beaches

Pattaya City is considering the introduction of beach operating hours to mitigate the disturbances caused by the increasing crowds of late-night revelers who party until dawn.

Increasing complaints have been lodged against nighttime beachgoers who play loud music from portable speakers, consume alcohol, and party on Pattaya’s renowned beaches, as mentioned by the city’s deputy mayor Wutthisak Roemkitchakan on Thursday.

Many of these visitors persist in their festivities and are reluctant to vacate, even when municipal waste removal personnel arrive for morning beach cleanup, he highlighted.

Consequently, beaches are often cluttered with rubbish the next day, he noted. “The city now is thinking of imposing opening and closing hours on these beaches as this can be a solution to the problem,” he conveyed.

At present, there are no regulations governing the hours of beach accessibility, implying a 24-hour access policy, he informed.

The city had earlier attempted to increase beach patrols, but securing enough officers for nightly duties proved challenging, he mentioned.

Following significant upgrades and refurbishments, the city’s beaches have seen a surge in visitor numbers, he noted.

Typically, these beaches witness a lower crowd on weekdays, with the majority of visitors departing by early evening.

Nevertheless, there’s a spike in visitors on weekends, especially those keen on drinking and partying till late, he pointed out, emphasizing that the only current measure is requesting their cooperation to depart.

Feedback to city officials also highlighted disturbances from several beachside nightclubs, predominantly open-air establishments, he reported.

Addressing these complaints, he indicated that Pattaya city in collaboration with Bang Lamung district authorities conducted inspections at these nighttime venues, urging them o control the volume of their music.

A set of suggestions was presented, inclusive of the proposal to construct dedicated sound-proof rooms for patrons, he revealed.

Additional initiatives will be collaboratively rolled out with the local police to tackle sound disturbances in Pattaya, he remarked.