Pheu Thai-Led Coalition Meeting Set for Tuesday Got Cancelled

The scheduled meeting of the eight political parties, set to take place on Tuesday with the aim of establishing a new government, was abruptly called off.

The Pheu Thai Party had arranged a meeting, set to take place at 3 pm, to converse about the advancement in garnering extra backing for the nomination of their favoured candidate for prime minister.

The meeting’s termination was declared by Pheu Thai via a message disseminated to journalists through the LINE app in the early hours of Tuesday afternoon.

The message stated that the remaining seven parties within the coalition were kept in the loop.

Pheu Thai originally scheduled a rendezvous for the eight parties on Tuesday at 2pm at the Pheu Thai headquarters. Subsequently, they revised the meeting time to 3pm and switched the location to the parliament building, before eventually calling it off.

Insiders reported that Pheu Thai had expressed apologies to the other parties for the unexpected termination.

The party clarified that their assigned responsibility of garnering backing from outside alliance parties and senators for a parliamentary vote to appoint the new prime minister had not yielded desired results.

The meeting was cancelled following the Ombudsman’s request to the Constitutional Court on Monday.

This request was for the parliament to delay the upcoming prime ministerial vote and consider the legality of their rejection of the re-nomination of Move Forward Party leader, Pita Limjaroenrat, for the prime minister’s position.

Post the cancellation of the meeting, MFP secretary-general Chaithawat Tulathon stated that the Pheu Thai Party probably needed additional time to formulate a proposal to be presented to the eight parties.

He questioned whether the parliament would now proceed with the joint session slated for Thursday for the prime minister’s selection. However, if it does proceed, he suggested the eight parties’ meeting should be rescheduled for Wednesday.

He further noted that if the parliament session was deferred, the meeting of the eight parties could be postponed accordingly.

The eight parties involved are Move Forward, Pheu Thai, Prachachat, Thai Sang Thai, Seri Ruam Thai (Thai Liberal), Fair, Plung Sungkom Mai (New Force), and Peu Thai Rumphlang.