Pita Limjaroenrat Steps Down As Move Forward Party Leader

Pita Limjaroenrat has stepped down as the head of the Move Forward Party (MFP), paving the way for his replacement to assume the role of opposition leader.

Mr. Pita, previously featured on the “TIME100 Next” list as a noteworthy young global leader, announced his departure through a Facebook post on Friday, addressing both MFP members and the general public.

In the message, Mr. Pita emphasized that, despite the MFP having the highest representation in the opposition group, his ongoing suspension by the Constitutional Court prevents him from assuming the duty of opposition leader.

“The current constitution stipulates that the opposition leader must be an MP who leads the top opposition party, but I am still unable to fulfill my duties in the House of Representatives and won’t be able to accept the role of opposition leader in the near future,” he stated.

“After consulting with the executive committee and party MPs, we have concluded that the position of ‘opposition leader’ is of utmost importance in the parliamentary system, and the position should be undertaken by the main opposition party in the House of Representatives”.

“In other words, the MFP should lead the opposition, which is responsible for keeping the government under scrutiny and checks and pushing for changes that are not included in the government’s policies”, Mr. Pita further mentioned.

“I have decided to step down from my position as the MFP leader, allowing the party to select an MP capable of assuming the role of ‘opposition leader’ to replace me as party leader”, he added.

The 43-year-old graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government affirmed that, despite his resignation, he will continue to contribute to the MFP and serve the public to the best of his ability.

He urged all members of the MFP to convene at Keelawes Building 1, situated in Bangkok’s Din Daeng district, on September 24 to elect the new party head. Many believe that Chaithawat Tulathon, the party’s secretary-general, might succeed Mr. Pita.