Pita Renominated for PM Role, Immediately Opposed by UTNP

The coalition of eight parties aiming to establish Thailand’s next government have put forward Pita Limjaroenrat, the leader of Move Forward, as their nominee for the prime ministerial role.

This proposition was made as the joint sitting of parliament held earlier today.

This marks his second bid to secure the approval of the two-house legislature, following an unsuccessful attempt last Thursday, July 13.

At 9:38 am on Wednesday morning,  Pheu Thai Party re-proposed MFP leader Pita to the parliament.

The proposal was immediately opposed by the United Thai Nation Party (UTNP). They referenced parliamentary rules which prevent a previously rejected proposal from being introduced again during the same session.

Key figures of the Move Forward Party maintained their stance on the legality of Pita’s re-nomination.

The general election on May 14 saw the Move Forward Party securing victory with 151 House seats, while Pheu Thai trailed in second place with 141. Both are leading entities within the eight-party coalition.

Prominent Pheu Thai members have recently remarked that the continuous re-nomination of Mr. Pita cannot persist indefinitely, as the public is eager for a new government to take charge and address the country’s concerns.

It was also disclosed by Pheu Thai that if Mr. Pita’s nomination was rejected once more, Srettha Thavisin, one of their prime ministerial hopefuls, would be put forward for the position.

In a previous statement, Mr. Pita assured that he would step aside for Pheu Thai, provided he didn’t secure a minimum of 10% more votes than what he achieved in the initial round of the prime ministerial vote, held on July 13.