PM Aims for “Zero Dropouts”, Promoting Education Equality

The government plans to unveil a new initiative focusing on inclusive education and ensuring equal access to quality education. This move aims to reduce student drop-outs and coincides with the upcoming Children’s Day this Saturday.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin recently expressed on social media that children represent the future. He emphasized that every child deserves the right to education.

He highlighted his dedication to fostering educational equity and quality, a commitment he held even before his political career.

Prime Minister Thavisin mentioned that the government’s current goal is to eliminate student drop-outs.

He has directed the Equitable Education Fund, the Digital Economy and Society Ministry, and the Interior Ministry to create the nation’s first comprehensive database on school dropouts.

This database, powered by big data analytics, will assist the government in identifying school dropouts and helping them return to education.

The Prime Minister announced “On Saturday there will be good news and this will mark a major step for Thailand to achieve zero dropouts.”

On Wednesday, Mr. Srettha congratulated 1,220 children for their achievements, encouraging them to persist in their endeavors.

The Prime Minister, along with Education Minister Pol Gen Permpoon Chidchob, greeted these children at the Santi Maitree Building, Government House.

The group was recognized for their accomplishments in various fields such as culture, art, vocational skills, sports, morality, and ethics.

In his address to the young achievers, Mr. Srettha shared his deep appreciation and pride in their success, which he believes enhances the country’s global reputation and standing.

He praised state agencies for their role in supporting children and aiding them in realizing their potential.

The Prime Minister vowed to focus on enhancing the abilities of young people and emphasized the necessity of investing in education, improving quality of life, and promoting civic duties.