PM Srettha Promises To Raise the Minimum Wage to THB 400

The administration intends to urge companies to increase the minimum daily wage to 400 baht as promptly as possible to assist workers in managing their budget, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin stated.

“For the wage rise, there will be negotiations between three parties — workers, employers and the government — for a reasonable level of the minimum wage”, he said.

“The goal of 400 baht will be achieved as soon as possible,” the prime minister said on Tuesday during the second and last day of a debate on the government’s policy statement in parliament”.

An increase in earnings to satisfy workers’ needs is one of the governmental economic stimulus initiatives, he remarked.

Throughout the election campaign, the governing Pheu Thai Party committed to initiatives that encompassed increasing the minimum daily earnings to 600 baht by the year 2027.

“Our country is fortunate, with the unemployment rate only at 1%”, Mr Srettha conveyed, who also holds the role of finance minister.

“While many people have work to do, demand for labour is still high. Therefore, it is still necessary to depend on migrant workers”.

“We also have to protect migrant workers’ rights and people’s dignity as well as provide them with welfare and safety”, he communicated, noting the incoming administration intends to establish a centralized service hub to augment the efficacy in managing their paperwork.

Additional strategies to boost the economy comprise new tourism initiatives and lowering energy costs for residential and logistics entities, Mr Srettha revealed, stating he will direct the Energy Ministry to implement measures to decrease the cost of utilities.

“The government is not ignoring the people’s plight. I thank [the opposition] for their warnings”, he stated.

“Some MPs have also talked about issues related to motorcycle taxi drivers. Actually, the government’s relief measures cover motorcycle taxi drivers, taxi drivers, delivery riders and transport operators”.

“We have heard their concerns before and since the election. Some [taxi drivers] complained their current fares, which start at 35 baht, have not been changed for a long time”.

“They are not protected by labour laws. Several laws are still outdated. I have instructed the labour minister to look into the matter”, Mr Srettha stated.

The government is committed to guaranteeing equitable rates for taxi drivers utilizing both motorcycles and cars, he mentioned.

“The Transport Ministry will study the possibility of developing a government-owned ride-hailing application to support these drivers,” he said.

At present, the daily minimum wage differs across various provinces, fluctuating between 328 baht and 354 baht.

The most recent adjustment in the wage was witnessed in October the previous year. The top daily rate of 354 baht has been sanctioned for the regions of Chon Buri, Rayong, and Phuket.