Security Guard, Spouse Caught in 9 Million Baht Theft Scheme

A security guard and his spouse were taken into custody in Nong Bua Lamphu province after allegedly stealing cash and assets valued at approximately 9 million baht from the guard’s employer.

Officers from Bang Mod conducted a raid on Friday, acting on an October 12 warrant, targeting a 41-year-old known as Ampol and his partner, Toy Tem, a 27-year-old from Cambodia.

The pair face charges of theft and property damage, with Toy Tem additionally accused of unauthorized border crossing and residing in Thailand without proper documentation.

The couple, who had been hiding in a rented residence in Nong Bua Lamphu, were apprehended on Saturday.

Items found in their possession included more than 1.1 million baht, 168 hundred-dollar U.S. bills, and a variety of jewelry, luxury watches, and spiritual amulets. The total value of the stolen items is estimated at 9 million baht.

Their apprehension was prompted by a report filed in Bangkok’s Chom Thong district by a fabric manufacturer.

After examining the evidence, detectives concluded that Mr. Ampol and his spouse had breached the company’s safe in Bang Mod under the cover of darkness and absconded with the valuables.

Mr. Ampol had been employed as a security guard by the victimized company.

In the couple’s residence, police discovered 2,708 methamphetamine pills, an assortment of firearms, and various ammunition.

Mr. Ampol confessed to the crimes, citing financial strain due to his wife’s alleged pregnancy as the motive.

However, preliminary investigations revealed that his wife is not pregnant, leading officials to suspect that the stolen funds were intended for narcotics procurement.

The suspects are currently in police custody, awaiting further legal proceedings.