Srettha Admits Ministerial Flaws but Dismisses Cabinet Reshuffle

On Thursday, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin dismissed rumours of an impending Cabinet reshuffle, clarifying that he had no intentions of claiming the defense minister’s position.

“I have no plan to change the Cabinet lineup today, as of now, or anytime soon,” the prime minister responded to inquiries from the reporters.

When questioned if he saw any flaws in the Cabinet that should be rectified, Srettha stated, “Everyone can do better, including myself, and we have to make the improvements together. Certainly, there are flaws, but not so many as to warrant a Cabinet reshuffle.”

The prime minister then asked the reporters, “Does that answer your question?”

Srettha, who also serves as the finance minister, refuted rumours suggesting he planned to substitute his defense minister, Sutin Klungsang, to garner military support and enhance his political foothold.

“I have no reason to replace the defense minister. I have never thought about that and never spoken about it. It’s purely media speculation,” he affirmed.

He emphasized that the stability of his government should be derived from the support of the public, based on its performance. “This way, everyone in the government, and not just me, will gain political stability,” he said.

When prompted for his thoughts on Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai’s assertion that the optimal period for a significant Cabinet reshuffle would follow the legislative approval of the fiscal 2024 budget bill, Srettha declined to offer any comment.

Upon inquiry about whether Phumtham’s comments had put him in an awkward position, the prime minister highlighted the importance of considering the seasoned politician’s perspective. “I have trust in him as my deputy prime minister, and I respect him,” he stated.