SRT Approves Plans To Build Three New Double-Track Routes

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) board has approved a project to construct three new routes of a double-track railroad system, covering a distance of 634 kilometers, with a total investment of 113.14 billion baht.

SRT Governor Nirut Maneepan announced that the proposal for the three routes, integral to the second phase of the double-track rail network, will be submitted to the Transport Ministry this month, in anticipation of seeking cabinet approval.

The project includes the 281km stretch from Pak Nam Pho to Denchai (81.14 billion baht), the 308km line from Jira Junction to Ubon Ratchathani (44.1 billion baht), and the 45km route linking Hat Yai to Padang Besar ( 7.9 billion baht).

Mr. Nirut confirmed that the environmental impact assessments (EIA) for these constructions have been green-lit by the National Environment Board, paving the way for initiation post-cabinet approval.

He assured that the EIA reports, approved years prior, are still valid and haven’t expired.

The SRT Governor outlined that the Pak Nam Pho-Denchai route includes a 235km ground-level track, a 40km elevated path, and a 5.22km tunnel, featuring 36 stations and three container yards.

To facilitate construction, approximately 1,089 rai of land will be acquired.

The route from Jira Junction to Ubon Ratchathani features a 292.6km section at ground level and three elevated sections spanning 15km, with a total of 35 stations.

To minimize disruption to local communities, the project will include the construction of overpasses, underpasses, and wildlife crossings, necessitating the acquisition of approximately 43 rai of land.

He highlighted that the cabinet has already sanctioned the 167km Khon Kaen-Nong Khai route, costing 29.74 billion baht, with preparations for the terms of reference to be concluded soon.

The plan also encompasses additional routes totaling 149.59 billion baht in investments, including the 168km Chumphon-Surat Thani route, the 324km Surat Thani-Hat Yai-Songkhla route, and the 189km Denchai-Chiang Mai route.