Strict Motel Security To Ensure Safe Valentine’s Day for Minors

The Royal Thai Police (RTP) has announced plans to tighten screenings at motels and nighttime entertainment spots, aiming to bolster the protection of minors on Valentine’s Day.

The deputy spokeswoman for the RTP, Pol Col Chanchai Rattanapanich, stated on Tuesday that the national police chief, Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, has raised concerns about the well-being of young people on Valentine’s Day evening.

The RTP has directed all its branches to vigilantly monitor and curb crimes against children, with a particular emphasis on sexual offences and disputes, especially in precarious areas, she noted.

Security at road checkpoints around entertainment venues, motels, pubs, and internet cafés will be strengthened to thoroughly screen motorists and teenagers. This effort aims to reduce violence, intercept individuals carrying illegal items, and curb illegal street racing.

Entertainment spots will face strict enforcement to halt unauthorized operational hours, the entry of underage patrons, obscene performances, and illegal drug use. Motels nationwide are encouraged not to accommodate underage guests.

The police also advise parents to closely monitor their children, caution them about various dangers, and to be mindful of accepting food and drinks from strangers that might contain date rape drugs.

Pol Lt Gen Trairong Phewphan, head of the RTP’s Forensic Science Office, reported that since 2021, over 300 instances of drug-induced sexual assault have been recorded, predominantly in Bangkok.

Substances used in date rape can cause seizures, a slow heartbeat, slow breathing, and can even lead to a coma.

In an effort to advocate for safe sexual practices among Thai youth, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation Thailand (AHF), together with Nawamintharachinuthit Horwang Nonthaburi School, organized an event titled “Condoms are Always in Style.”

Celebrating International Condom Day 2024, this initiative aims to enlighten Thai youth on the significance of condom usage to prevent HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, and unintended pregnancies.

Kristian Arayawongchai, the AHF country program director, highlighted alarming statistics with 9,230 new HIV cases among Thai youth recently, half of whom are aged 15-24, alongside low condom utilization rates.

The event included engaging activities that underscored the dangers of unprotected intercourse and the advantages of condom use.