Summer Heat Temperatures To Exceed 40°C Across Thailand

The Meteorological Department has issued a warning that temperatures are expected to exceed 40 degrees Celsius across Thailand throughout March and April.

Kornravee Sitthichitvapak, the director-general of the weather agency, mentioned that the upcoming summer would see temperatures rising 1 to 2 degrees Celsius above what is typically expected for this season.

Regions forecasted to face intense heat can expect temperatures to exceed 40°C, particularly in the North and Northeast, where both hot and extremely hot conditions are anticipated.

Nonetheless, these high temperatures will not be constant but will occur during particular times and in specific locations, she further explained.

From March through April, several regions, including the Central Plains and Bangkok, are expected to see temperatures around 40°C.

Ms. Kornravee highlighted that the highest temperature ever recorded in Thailand was 44.6°C in Tak back in 2016, with Bangkok’s peak last year reaching 41°C.

She pointed out that while Thailand hasn’t seen temperatures over 50°C, the reported heat index values, which reflect “feel-like” temperatures, are not direct temperature measurements.

The department recorded a peak temperature of 42°C in tambon Bua Chum, Chaibadan district, Lop Buri, on Wednesday, with Roi Et and Kanchanaburi experiencing temperatures of 41.2°C and 41°C, respectively.

Several provinces in the Northeast, including Chaiyaphum, Nakhon Ratchasima’s Chok Chai district, Buri Ram, Mukdahan, Roi Et, Loei, and Sakon Nakhon, reported temperatures just over 40°C.

A forecast from the Meteorological Department indicates the likelihood of summer storms and gusty winds affecting the northern and northeastern regions, as well as the Central Plains, including Bangkok, from the end of the week into the weekend.

A high-pressure system from China, stretching to its southern region, is set to influence Thailand’s Northeast and the South China Sea by the end of the week.

This condition, coupled with southerly and southeasterly winds, will usher in moisture from the South China Sea and the Gulf, leading to increasingly hot to very hot weather.

The weather update also predicts the possibility of summer storms, including strong gusts, hail, and lightning, affecting areas in the lower North, the Northeast, the Central Plains (Bangkok included), and the East from the end of the week into the early next week.

Residents in the affected regions are advised to exercise caution against severe weather by staying clear of dangerous outdoor spots, including areas near large trees, unstable structures, and billboards.

The warning extends to farmers, who are advised to protect their crops from potential damage.

During this period, various provinces, including Bangkok, are bracing for the impact of summer storms and windy conditions.