Suspected Thai Serial Killer’s Tea Bags Contain Cyanide Traces

Authorities have reported that a toxicology specialist discovered traces of cyanide in tea bags found in the vehicle of the Thai serial murder suspect known as “Sararat” or “Am Cyanide.”

Dr. Weerachai Phutdhawong, an instructor at the Department of Chemistry within the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science at Kasetsart University, was requested by law enforcement to examine all the evidence they had gathered that might be contaminated with cyanide.

Using Ion Chromatography (IC), Dr. Weerachai evaluated the contents of tea bags weighing approximately 15 milligrams.

He found a significant amount of potassium cyanide (KCN) present, which could be fatal within 6-10 minutes according to his analysis. However, further testing is needed to confirm this outcome.

“Sararat” is presently held at the Central Women’s Correctional Institution on charges of murder and attempted murder in relation to 11 fatalities and one non-lethal poisoning.

The majority of the victims had connections to the suspect, primarily through financial dealings.

During an ongoing inquiry, officers inspected a business situated in a 4-story shop house in Bangkok’s Lat Krabang district yesterday (Tuesday), as they had grounds to suspect that the establishment might be the origin of the suspect’s cyanide.

A representative of the company allegedly informed law enforcement that they purchase cyanide from an importer only when a customer places an order, and they do not maintain it in their inventory.

The representative pointed out that the trade of cyanide up to one tonne does not require a permit from the authorities. The police admitted that this regulatory loophole allows individuals to possess the deadly toxin without oversight.