Swiss Man Who Kicked Doctor To Lose Elephant Foundation

Phuket officials will revoke the elephant foundation’s license from a Swiss man accused of assaulting a Thai woman doctor on a beach, following the annulment of his firearm permits, as stated by the Phuket governor.

On Saturday, Governor Sophon Suwannarat announced that after an investigation, Urs Fehr’s Green Elephant Wildlife Foundation was suspected of being used for unlawful activities, leading to the decision to revoke its license.

“The Phuket provincial hall, through public prosecutors, will ask a court to dissolve the elephant foundation,” Mr. Sophon said.

The governor stated that Mr. Fehr’s Green Elephant Sanctuary Park and the foundation share the same logo, prompting Phuket officials to request an explanation of the activities from those involved with both the elephant sanctuary and the foundation.

Suthee Siri-anant, who assists the Phuket governor, noted that the foundation, initially named Green Elephant, was later renamed to Green Elephant Wildlife, and it shared its address with the elephant park.

Mr. Suthee revealed that the foundation was officially established in December 2021 with the mission to assist and care for injured elephants.

The governor highlighted that the Green Elephant Sanctuary Park is home to 14 elephants, with 13 being rented and one purchased from Phrae province in the north.

According to its website, the park spans 40,000 square meters and is located on Soi Cherngtalay 1 Road near Surin beach in Thalang district.

The licenses for a handgun and a rifle have been revoked; the handgun was registered to Mr. Fehr and the rifle to the elephant foundation.

The firearms licenses were cancelled by the Thalang district chief, who believed their ownership could endanger the public.

Additionally, the Swiss man’s foundation and firearms registrations prompted the Department of Special Investigation to examine his bank accounts, according to the Phuket governor.

Mr. Fehr, also known as David, age 45, was temporarily released after facing charges for the physical and psychological assault of Dr. Thandao Chandam, 26.

He is accused of kicking the doctor while she and a friend were near his rented villa by Yamu beach in Thalang district on February 24.

Mr. Fehr has apologized, claiming he slipped and did not intentionally kick her, mistakenly thinking the doctor and her friend were trespassing on his property.

Officials have verified that the steps where the doctor and her friend were seated were unlawfully constructed on the public beach.