Swiss Man’s Visa Revoked After Kicking Thai Doctor in Phuket

The Immigration Bureau has cancelled the visa of a Swiss man accused of kicking a Thai female doctor on a beach near his Phuket villa, labeling him a threat to society.

Pol Maj Gen Songprote Sirisukha, commander of Immigration Division 6 overseeing the South, officially revoked the visa of Urs Fehr, also known as David, on Wednesday evening.

This decision was influenced by recommendations from the local government and Phuket’s immigration office, as stated by Pol Col Parinya Klinkaysorn, the bureau’s deputy spokesperson, on Thursday.

According to Pol Col Parinya, Mr Fehr’s actions, as reported by the Phuket governor and the head of Phuket’s immigration police, were considered a threat to public harmony.

The spokesperson mentioned that although Phuket’s immigration police plan to detain Mr Fehr, he might be allowed temporary freedom to defend himself against the charges of physical assault.

Mr Fehr, 45, the managing director of Elephant Sanctuary Park Co, is alleged to have assaulted Dr. Thandao Chandam, a 26-year-old doctor from Dibuk Hospital.

The incident occurred as she and a friend were seated on steps leading to Yamu beach to observe the full moon near his residence in the Thalang district on February 24.

The altercation reportedly stemmed from a misunderstanding by Mr Fehr and his Thai spouse, who believed the two women were trespassing on their property.

Authorities later clarified that the beach steps had been unlawfully constructed on public seaside land.

In response to the incident, Mr Fehr and his wife offered their apologies, with the Swiss claiming he did not kick the doctor but lost his balance and slipped as he approached her.

Phuket’s police chief, Pol Maj Gen Sinlert Sukhum, disclosed on Wednesday that Mr Fehr faces charges of physical and mental assault, with ongoing witness interviews. He anticipated that the case would be forwarded to Phuket’s prosecutors within the week.

Additionally, Mr Fehr is expected to face further legal action related to previous instances of inappropriate driving behavior involving an ambulance, as stated by Pol Maj Gen Sinlert.

Suthas Niyomthai, livestock development chief of Phuket, confirmed that the 14 elephants housed at Mr Fehr’s Elephant Sanctuary Park are in good health and properly documented.

Wisut Romin, the assistant district chief of Thalang, mentioned that the sanctuary’s business activities are still pending review by the local tax authorities.