TAT Launches Wellness Tourism Initiative: ‘Discover the New You’

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is thrilled to announce the launch of the ‘Discover The New You’ initiative, a program that specifically designed to promote health and wellness tourism in Thailand.

The program centers around the groundbreaking concept of ‘Meaningful Wellness’, and to bring this vision to life, TAT has joined forces with 130 esteemed professionals and entrepreneurs from the Health and Wellness sector.

Additionally, in collaboration with digital partners, the program offers a wide range of exclusive deals to enhance the experience.

Mr. Apichai Chatchalermkit, who serves as the Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business at TAT, presents the ‘Discover The New You’ initiative, which endorses and advances significant Health and Wellness Tourism in a unique and customer-focused approach.

As an integral aspect of the Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness New Chapters New Experience project, the program features several joint ventures with top-notch business owners and entrepreneurs from the Health and Wellness field.

These ventures incorporate Wellness Stays at notable locations such as Sripanwa Phuket, Kamalaya Samui, BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat at Celes Samui, and VLCC Wellness Packages from Banyan Tree Spa, Rarinjinda Wellness Spa, and PANPURI Wellness.

Furthermore, Health Check-up & Anti-aging Packages are offered at Panacee Wellness Khaoyai, ADDLIFE Anti-Aging Medical Center, and Bangkok Anti-Aging Center.

To engage a broader public, TAT has created partnerships with various digital outlets related to tourism and lifestyle. Collaborations with Megatix, HDMall, Thailand Massage, Line Shopping, Tripgether, ChangTrixGet, and SaleHere have led to enticing deals.

Combined work with marketing partners has facilitated the design of Meaningful Wellness Packages and exclusive benefits for passengers of Thai Airlines and Thai Smile.

Moreover, it has also extended to Royal Orchid Plus and Nok Air Club cardholders, Beat Club members, and MGC-Asia (Millennium Group Corporation) members.

In addition, TAT has called upon entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers to join a competition centered on creating and advertising Health Tourism activities.

The goal is to enhance variety and uniqueness in this sector and appeal to the growing demographic of health-aware tourists. The 15 most outstanding routes submitted to the contest will be promoted across various media outlets by TAT.

In the unprecedented Media Fam Trip, bloggers and partners are encouraged to participate in a Meaningful Wellness Excursion in the Phetchaburi province.

This journey is also part of TAT’s carefully chosen travel routes in the Family Millennium category. Excursion highlights encompass an informative visit to Ban Rai Krang.

Here, attendees can drive an ‘E Taen’ tractor across the fields, discover a hidden sugar palm forest with over 1000 trees, enjoy organic meals prepared by a local chef, and partake in premier Wellness Treatments and detoxes by proficient practitioners at VLCC.

“TAT is confident that the marketing activities within the ‘Discover The New You’ campaign will introduce the benefits of Wellness Tourism to a new audience of tourists, allowing them to discover the ‘new you’ while creating memorable experiences.”

“We anticipate that more than 3,000 new tourists will invest in the products and services offered by the campaign, resulting in a total expenditure of over 18 million baht by September 2023,” Mr. Apichai revealed.

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