TAT’s New Muay Thai Campaign Aims To Increase Tourism Surge

The Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) is set to host a series of “Amazing Muay Thai Experience” happenings in four distinct provinces as an effort to elevate the international standing of this national martial art and reinforce its status as a key tourism attraction.

Mr. Apichai Chatchalermkit, who serves as the Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business for TAT, stated that these events will take place in Surat Thani, Nakhon Ratchasima, Uttaradit, and Lop Buri provinces.

These locations are recognized as the origins of four unique Muay Thai styles – Muay Chaiya, Muay Korat, Muay Tha Sao, and Muay Lop Buri.

He emphasized that these gatherings are designed for Muay Thai enthusiasts to relish the exceptional chance of immersing themselves in these local renditions of the Thai martial art directly from revered ancient Muay Thai masters in their native provinces.

These initiatives are predicted to beckon global travelers to explore various Thai regions, each possessing a unique cultural heritage. This increased influx of tourists will in turn fuel the country’s domestic economy.

Mr. Apichai made these remarks during a press briefing held on June 20 at the Thanarat Hall within the TAT Building.

He further articulated that TAT is employing a strategy of drawing foreign visitors through the allure of enriching experiences grounded in Thailand’s cultural prowess.

The “5Fs” – Food, Fashion, Film, Fight, and Festival – represent five distinct areas of Thai soft power that are strategically promoted as tourism commodities.

As a recognized global symbol in the Fight sector of soft power, Muay Thai attracts numerous foreigners to Thailand eager to learn the martial art.

The imminent “Amazing Muay Thai Experience” events in the four distinct provinces will, according to TAT’s projections, attract an influx of both local and international tourists, thereby generating increased revenue for the local economy and residents.

The timetable for the Amazing Muay Thai Experience events is detailed below:

– The Muay Chaiya event will take place in Surat Thani from June 30 to July 2, 2023, at Narit Bridge on the Tapi River’s banks

– The Muay Korat event is scheduled for July 14-16 at the Central Plaza in Nakhon Ratchasima

– Wat Yai Tha Sao temple in Uttaradit will host the Muay Tha Sao event from August 11-13

– The Muay Lop Buri event will transpire at King Narai’s Palace in Lop Buri from August 18-20.

Participants at these events will be afforded the opportunity to learn basic techniques of these ancient Muay Thai styles from local masters. Each of the four Muay Thai styles has its unique characteristics:

– Muay Korat, known for powerful punches and fighters’ fists wrapped with ropes, features the distinctive “Mud Wiang Khwai” wide punch (buffalo-swinging punches). Master Chao Wathayothin will lead a demonstration.

– Muay Lop Buri showcases sharp boxing techniques, agility, and accuracy with rapid offensive and defensive activities. Master Ya Sorsunee will present the demonstration.

– Muay Chaiya is distinguished by its elegant moves, unique stance, and footwork, with four defensive methods of covering, flipping, shutting, and opening. Master Kridakorn Sodprasert will deliver a Muay Chaiya demonstration.

– Muay Tha Sao, or “Muay Phraya Phichai,” fuses Thai and Chinese boxing techniques, prioritizing speed with long, swift, powerful attacks. A demonstration of this local martial art will be conducted by Master Woraman Wanantasanti.

Additional activities will be led by Master Dam Srichan, a celebrated figure in Muay Thai and international boxing, who won gold medals at SEA Games and Asian Championships.

These include Muay Thai matches, tattooing sessions by experts, the sale of protective amulets and talismans, an interactive Muay Thai event, a Muay Thai dancing performance, and a concert featuring popular singers.

According to TAT, the upcoming Amazing Muay Thai Experience events in the four provinces are expected to amplify interest in Thailand’s martial art. The heightened visitor turnout during these events is predicted to spur local economic growth.