Thai Hip-Hop Group Releases New Song, Urging Youth to Vote

The renowned Thai hip-hop group, recognized for their lyrical content, has recently released a fresh track criticizing the current politics in Thailand while projecting optimism for the upcoming election.

In its initial two days after being released on YouTube, “Only I Decide”, a piece by Rap Against Dictatorship, has amassed over 290,000 views.

The song portrays the performers as potential representatives, inspiring the youth to exercise their right to vote.

“I think people need some encouragement from artists or influencers. I think the music is working as encouragement,” expressed Dechathorn “Hockhacker” Bamrungmuang during an interview.

“We’re going into the election to change the country, to change the generation gap, to change the problems made by the old generation.”

In the video, apart from Hockhacker, Protozua, Liberate P, and NLHz make appearances, promoting optimism and the act of voting just days before Thai citizens head to the election booths on Sunday.

As with several of their previous videos, Skanbombomb directed this one as well.

Hockhacker, a father of two, has endured some of the most significant challenges within the group, facing accusations of sedition under Section 116 of the Criminal Code.

He disclosed that he has to appear in court monthly and has been targeted by state-sanctioned hacking and passport cancellation.

Fans of the group are encouraged to watch the video while it’s still accessible, given that numerous of the group’s more popular tracks have been subject to censorship on YouTube.

Their most significant success on the video-sharing site to date arrived four years ago with “My Country’s Got…,” a song that has accumulated close to 110 million views solely on YouTube.

“I think our music can reach young people, a lot of young people. And in our new song, we try to bring out the new voters to go and vote,” shared Protozua, a native of Nakhon Sawan.

“They have their rights, and it is their decision whether to stay at home or go out to vote and which party to pick,” he stated.

The group consistently produces award-winning music featuring both new and regular members, often filming their videos live at protest events.