Thai Nationals Evacuated From Sudan To Reach Bangkok Today

The initial group of Thai evacuees from Sudan is anticipated to reach Bangkok on a Royal Thai Air Force flight around 10 pm today (Thursday), as stated by Air Chief Marshal Alongkorn Vannarot, the commander-in-chief of the RTAF.

The subsequent group is predicted to arrive on Friday morning, approximately at 9am.

The RTAF has dispatched an Airbus A340-500 and two C-130 transport aircraft to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to collect 223 Thai citizens, who were evacuated by boat from the Port of Sudan.

The trio of planes are slated to reach King Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Jeddah today.

ACM Alongkorn mentioned that the majority of the Thais, primarily students, have enrolled for evacuation from Sudan, and 82 have already embarked on a ship at the Port of Sudan bound for Jeddah.

Regarding the remaining 133 Thais, he said that the exact departure time from the Port of Sudan remains uncertain, as numerous individuals of different nationalities are also trying to evacuate.

For those who have already departed the Port of Sudan for Jeddah, ACM Alongkorn said RTAF officers will assess the arrivals, prioritizing women, children, elderly people, and the sick.

Individuals who are physically strong will board a C-130 transport aircraft, as the plane requires stops in Dubai and India for refueling, extending the flight duration, according to ACM Alongkorn.

For the rest of the Thai individuals stranded at the Port of Sudan, unsure when a ship will be available, he mentioned that the Thai Foreign Ministry will attempt to coordinate with Saudi Arabia to arrange a vessel for their pickup.

Should the remaining Thais be unable to board a ship, ACM Alongkorn stated the RTAF may contemplate dispatching a C-130 transport plane from Jeddah to collect them.

However, this decision depends on the safety of the airport in the Port of Sudan.