Thai Prime Minister Prayut Stays Silent on Political Future Plans

The outgoing Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, did not reveal his political plans following Sunday’s general elections, post his chairing of the caretaker cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

When journalists questioned whether he would retire from politics, he offered a smile and responded, “No comment.”

Further inquiries about his intention to continue battling and staying with the United Thai Nation Party were met with equal hesitation.

He chose not to comment on the potential alliance of the former opposition party, Pheu Thai, with parties from his outgoing government, leaving the Move Forward Party – the party with the most House seats – in the cold.

Post the cabinet meeting at the Government House on Tuesday, General Prayut greeted the press and the public, assuring them that his administration remained operative and committed until the new government takes over.

He expressed gratitude for the public’s sustained support for him and his government over the years.

He extended his thanks to all the voters who participated in Sunday’s elections, and extended his congratulations to all the political parties that garnered votes.

General Prayut expressed satisfaction with the ongoing formation of the new government.

“I am happy with that and would like all Thai people to cooperate and promote unity and stability in the nation, without conflict, and jointly develop the nation,” the prime minister expressed.

“This is for security, prosperity and sustainability. Adhere to the security of the important institutions of the nation for national development and the future of all Thais,” General Prayut stated.

The United Thai Nation Party, the party that nominated him as their prime ministerial candidate, ranked fifth in Sunday’s elections, securing 36 House seats.

In contrast, the Move Forward Party and Pheu Thai secured 152 and 141 seats respectively, as per the latest data.

Thirteen cabinet members were noted as missing from Tuesday’s cabinet meeting.