Thai Students Share Horrific Journey on Flight From Sudan

A group of Thai citizens returned home on Thursday evening after fleeing the civil war in Sudan.

They recounted their dangerous escape from the conflict-ridden nation, which kept them constantly anxious during restless nights while navigating multiple checkpoints.

The president of the Thai Student Association in Sudan addressed the media at Don Mueang Airport, where they were welcomed by high-ranking officials.

They informed journalists that the fighting in Sudan was incredibly fierce, making it difficult for them to travel without formal authorization.

Yikasem, the student leader, was one of 78 Thai nationals who safely touched down at the airport last night, thanks to a 24-hour ceasefire.

Greeted by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha and Foreign Affairs Minister Don Pramudwinai, the 40 women and 38 men brought back by the Thai Air Force expressed their experiences.

They recounted that the initial conflicts began with “gunfire” and subsequent “explosions” near their lodgings at the International University of Africa.

The students had to withstand 10 days of battle while residing on campus.

When inquired about the most challenging aspect of their evacuation, the students mentioned a boat trip across the Red Sea to Port Sudan.

The vessel, carrying around 2,000 refugees, was so packed that they had to sleep on the ship’s deck.

Embassy representatives met them and transported them by bus. Subsequently, they embarked on a ship to Jeddah before ultimately catching a flight to Thailand.

The entire process spanned nearly two days. They felt immense relief upon returning home and looked forward to reuniting with their loved ones.

In recent times, hundreds have perished and thousands have been displaced from their homes as fightings have escalated between Sudan’s military and a heavily armed paramilitary group.