Thailand Relaxed Tourist Visa Policies for Chinese Travelers

The government has further eased its travel visa requirements and reduced the standard approval duration for Chinese travelers in an effort to simplify the procedure for those coming to the country.

Last week witnessed a significant influx of international tourists in Thailand. Specifically, 95,581 Chinese visitors arrived, constituting the largest chunk of the international arrivals.

Not far behind were Malaysians, with a count of 73,810, followed by South Koreans at 37,754, Indians registering 27,707, and Vietnamese tallying up to 25,717, deputy spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek stated on Thursday.

Under the revised visa policies, Chinese tourists heading to Thailand are only required to submit six specific documents for their visa application.

This set of documents includes the traveler’s passport, three photographs, a flight ticket, details of their accommodation in Thailand, proof of their permanent residence, and financial statements, as Ms. Rachada clarified.

This modification will shorten the application time from 14 to seven business days, she further explained.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports are collaborating to synchronize their tourist visa application databases, aiming to expedite the process for all international visitors, according to Ms. Rachada.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha expressed admiration for the consistent surge in tourist numbers in Thailand, especially during the extended break from July 31st to Aug 6th, where the nation saw an influx of 80,000 global visitors daily, she stated.

Since the beginning of this year, Thailand has opened its doors to more than 16 million international travelers.

The majority of these visitors have come from Malaysia, China, South Korea, India, and Russia, which are the top five contributing countries.