Thailand Set To Host Formula E World Championship Next Year

The government plans to host Formula E, the renowned electric car racing championship series, next year, as revealed by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin on Saturday through his X account.

The premier said he had a conversation with a Formula E executive, who is involved in organizing electric vehicle racing competitions globally. He mentioned the company’s interest in setting up an electric vehicle racing event in Thailand.

Formally known as the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, Formula E was launched in Beijing in 2014 and has since gained the status of an FIA world championship.

The Prime Minister mentioned that Thailand is transitioning toward electric vehicle usage, with electric vehicle orders comprising 40% of all car orders from the end of last year onwards.

“Therefore, I think it is beneficial to bring the Formula E racing competition to Thailand to stimulate the economy and the development of the country’s infrastructure while reinforcing the policy of reducing carbon emissions,” he said.

He noted that Formula E officials are planning to visit Chiang Mai next week to assess the possibility of conducting a Formula E event in Thailand for the first time. The event aims to bolster Thailand’s position as a center for regional tourism, Srettha stated.

Paetongtarn Shinawatra, the leader of the ruling Pheu Thai Party and vice-chair of the National Soft Power Strategy Committee, was also present during these discussions.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister revealed that twelve French firms have shown interest in investing and expanding in various sectors, such as hospitality, fashion, and the automotive industry in Thailand.

These remarks were made following his discussions with French business leaders in Paris, including meetings with executives from Accor, a French multinational company involved in hospitality that operates hotels, resorts, and holiday properties in Thailand.

He highlighted Accor’s eagerness to collaborate with the Thai government on tourism initiatives and their interest in investing in Thai financial instruments like pension funds, as well as their plans to build hotels in the three southern border provinces.

Discussions also covered promotional activities to enhance sales and tourism.

Mr. Srettha also held meetings with executives from Michelin, the French tire manufacturing company that sources rubber from Thailand.

Michelin (Thailand), founded in 1987, operates five factories in Thailand, employing over 8,000 staff, with investments totaling more than 40 billion baht.

The company consumes over 700 million tonnes of natural rubber annually for tire production and plans to boost its production capacity and investment in the next three years, according to Mr. Srettha.

He added that Michelin is looking to transition to clean energy soon, with the government’s full support, and seeks governmental assistance in facilitating business operations.

Michelin, known for publishing the Michelin Guide that reviews and recommends dining establishments globally, recognizes Thailand’s potential in the culinary sector and is willing to assist in promoting it to attract tourists, as mentioned by Mr. Srettha.