Department of Tourism Releases Rules for Cancelled Trip Refunds

The Department of Tourism in Thailand recently provided clear guidance regarding refund policies for travellers. This is applicable to all tourists – foreign and domestic – who might find themselves needing to cancel their planned trips within the country.

In an important announcement made this Wednesday, the Department explicitly stated that tourists are eligible for full refunds, provided the cancellations are actioned at least 30 days before the intended travel date.

This timely response from the Department of Tourism has been initiated in response to a surge of inquiries from various tourists.

With many uncertain about the rules regarding trip cancellations amid rapidly changing global circumstances, this clarification serves to put travellers’ minds at ease and ensure they know their rights and options.

The Department, which operates under the Ministry of Tourism, has received queries regarding the possibilities of tour package refunds and the process of lodging complaints should refunds from tour operators not materialize.

In a detailed Facebook post, the Department explained the refund policies based on the time of cancellation:

-A 100% refund is applicable to travellers cancelling their trip 30 days in advance.

-A 50% refund is offered to travellers cancelling 15 days in advance.

-However, no refund obligation exists for tour operators if travellers cancel less than 15 days in advance.

-A full refund must be issued by tour operators if a trip gets cancelled, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

Refund amounts will be provided post deduction of certain expenses like visa fees and ticket deposits (including plane, train, and boat tickets).

Tour operators are required to furnish evidence of these additional expenses. Tour operators are not permitted to demand travellers to cover the difference if the extra expenses exceed the service fees paid.

For tourists who either fail to receive a refund or obtain an incomplete one, complaints can be lodged with the Department of Tourism.

They can be reached via phone during working hours at 02-219-4025 or through their 24/7 call centre at 02-401-1111.