Thaksin Had Surgery Last Week, Now in Recovery, Daughter Says

Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra recently underwent surgery and is now recovering, as stated by his daughter Paetongtarn, who mentioned on Tuesday that the duration of his hospital stay remains unclear.

Ms. Paetongtarn relayed this information to journalists at the Pheu Thai Party office in Bangkok.

Thaksin had the operation last week and is still in the process of recovery. His blood pressure has been stable on certain days but fluctuates on others, she noted.

Ms. Paetongtarn refrained from giving more details, suggesting that inquiries should be directed to Thaksin’s medical team. She admitted that she was uncertain about the timeframe of her father’s hospitalization.

On Tuesday, the chief physician at Police General Hospital confirmed that Thaksin had undergone a surgical procedure.

Pol Lt Gen Dr Sophonrat Singhajaru clarified that the former prime minister had surgery last week due to multiple factors. He noted that Thaksin’s current state was stable and he was recovering.

On Monday, advocates called for a status update on Thaksin’s health condition, highlighting that he has been residing in Police General Hospital for the past month, a facility he was transferred to shortly after beginning his one-year prison sentence.

Ms. Paetongtarn mentioned that her family is contemplating seeking parole for Thaksin, fully aware of the rules established by the Department of Corrections.

In response to a query regarding a lese majeste case involving Thaksin, Paetongtarn indicated that it stemmed from a misunderstanding.

This Monday, the Department of Corrections announced that Thaksin is required to complete at least half a year of his sentence before he is eligible for parole, extending to the end of February.

The department is also tasked with determining whether Thaksin necessitates ongoing medical care outside the confinement facility.

At 74, Thaksin returned to Thailand on the morning of August 22nd after a 15-year self-imposed exile. During his time away, he faced multiple convictions and new charges. Later that day, the Supreme Court mandated an eight-year prison term for Thaksin concerning three finalized cases.

Nonetheless, he was transferred from the Bangkok Remand Prison to the Police General Hospital on the same evening due to health concerns. His sentence was subsequently reduced to a single year by the decree of HM the King.