Two Individuals Questioned On German Man’s Disappearance

On Sunday evening, two individuals of foreign nationality were summoned to the Nong Prue police station in the Bang Lamung district for questioning over the disappearance of Hans Peter Ralter Mack, a German property broker who went missing on July 4.

The pair, who didn’t have their identities or countries of origin revealed, had their legal representatives present.

The chief of Nong Prue police, Pol Col Tawee Kudthalaeng, reported that both individuals refused to provide statements, insisting that their attorneys would stand in for them in all judicial proceedings.

Earlier, a woman implicated in Mr. Mack’s disappearance was brought in for interrogation. She declined to participate, asserting that her attorney would advocate for her.

In the later hours of Sunday evening, Pol Maj Gen Theerachai Chamnanmor, the head of the Provincial Police Region 2 investigation team, together with immigration and tourist police, carried a court-issued warrant.

They proceeded to inspect house number 21/302 in the Chok Chai Garden 2 residential complex at Moo 10 in the Nong Prue subdistrict.

The house is registered to one of the persons of interest. The police reported that the house did not contain any items of suspicious nature.

Sources have indicated that investigators unearthed questionable financial transactions amounting to roughly 2 million baht, which could be connected to the disappearance of the man.

Mr. Mack has been out of contact since July 4. His Thai spouse, Piriya Boonmark, claimed that he departed from their home at Swiss Paradise residential complex in Pattaya in his Mercedes Benz, to meet a foreign real estate agent whom he had become acquainted with.

The family lodged a missing person report with the police on July 5, and later announced a reward of 3 million baht for any information on Mr. Mack’s location, and an additional 100,000 baht for information regarding his vehicle.

On Sunday morning, police discovered the silver Mercedes-Benz E350 coupe in the parking area of the CC Condominium, located on Khao Noi road in the Nong Prue subdistrict.

The inside of the vehicle appeared to have been thoroughly cleaned and there were traces of either coolant or bathroom cleaner fluid on the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, gearbox and other interior parts of the car.

“There was intention to destroy evidence and the case indicates that Mr Hans-Peter Ralter Mack’s disappearance was suspicious,” Pol Maj Gen Theerachai stated.

A local food vendor reported that the car had been parked there a few days ago, and two women had exited the vehicle. One of the women, who had dark skin, stood at around 160 centimeters in height.

According to the police report, a female property broker from Germany, aged 54, stated that she had a meeting with Mr. Mack on July 4.

The purpose of their meeting was to discuss prospective sales of a luxurious pool villa located in Koh Samui and a boxing stadium in the Bang Lamung district, both valued in the range of hundreds of millions of baht.

Once their discussion concluded, they went their separate ways.

Footage from a surveillance camera revealed that the German man visited a restaurant on Thung Klom-Tan Man Road at 11:54 am on July 4 and departed at 12:37 pm the same day.

He was seen driving past the Chaiyaphruek intersection in the direction of Jomtien beach – this was the final recorded sighting of him.