Victim Family To File Complaint on the Airport Walkway Incident

The relatives of a woman, who tragically lost her left leg in a moving walkway incident at Don Mueang Airport last Thursday, plans to file a formal complaint against the authorities, represented by their legal counsel.

The female victim, aged 57, whose name is still to be disclosed, tripped and fell on the moving walkway while heading towards the gate for her flight to Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Investigators hypothesize that the impact from the tumble loosened the walkway’s protective shield, leading to the entrapment of the woman’s leg within the walkway’s inner workings.

The victim’s son, Krit Kittirattana, posting on Facebook on Tuesday, updated that his mother’s condition had stabilized. She had been receiving treatment in an intensive care unit since the incident occurred.

Mr Krit communicated that, on the whole, his mother is coping emotionally. She has begun to accept visitors and appears more composed, although she continues to suffer from severe episodes of fear.

Mr Krit mentioned his mother experiences panic upon awakening during the night. He revealed that the family consulted a psychotherapist for treatment recommendations.

“We are attempting to aid in preserving her self-esteem to the greatest extent possible so that she does not perceive a loss in self-worth and can regain her normal routine,” mr Krit penned down.

In addition, mr Krit noted that the family had given their lawyer permission to submit a complaint about the incident to the police and to arrange for his mother to be interviewed directly by investigating officers.

On July 2, mr Krit had made a post on Facebook expressing the family’s desire to identify any witnesses present at the location who could offer insights about the incident in a court setting.

Don Muang’s police superintendent, mr Pol Col Adirek Tongkeamkeaw, announced on Tuesday that police are currently reviewing the airport’s CCTV footage.

In the meantime, the airport is inspecting other walkways within its premises to uphold passenger safety.