Woman in Chiang Rai Climbs Up Radio Tower To “Enjoy the View”

Yesterday evening, an elderly woman from Chiang Rai was safely brought down after ascending a radio tower, with her reason being she “wanted to enjoy the view”.

Spectators in Chiang Rai’s Ban Santan Leuang Village witnessed the unidentified lady, donned in a traditional outfit made from black and pink silk fabric, climb up the signal tower, much to their astonishment.

The tower stood at a reported 100-meters tall, and the woman managed to make it all the way to the very top.

Police officers from the Chiang Rai police department, along with volunteer rescuers from the Chiang Rai Public Charitable Society, eventually arrived on site, making efforts to convince her to descend from the tower.

Subsequent to this, the rescue team ascended the ladder of the signal tower to reach the woman, who remained at the uppermost level of the ladder.

In their attempt to communicate with her and persuade her to come down, they discovered that she was suffering from foot pain, which was preventing her from climbing down.

The woman requested to the rescuers a new pair of shoes to alleviate the pain and discomfort that she got from climbing up the tower.

Following her request, the rescuers brought a pair of shoes for her to put on, then they gently helped her down the ladder until she touched the ground, all under the watchful eyes of a crowd of apprehensive spectators.

According to village residents who spoke to the authorities, the woman is a local, and she has shown symptoms of mental disorder.