Bill Cosby Defends Co-Star’s Tweets Celebrating His Release

Bill Cosby publicly defended Phylicia Rashad, known for her role as Clair Huxtable on the 1984’s NBC sitcom The Cosby Show, after being criticized for celebrating his release.

Ms. Rashad, Mr. Cosby’s on-screen wife, had faced backlash after tweeting a supportive message to her former co-star when he was released from jail after his conviction for sexual assault was overturned.

Referring to the court’s decision, the star from The Cosby Show wrote on social media: “Finally. A terrible wrong is being righted – a miscarriage of justice is corrected.”

But the US actress and theater director then deleted the tweet and wrote a follow-up post saying that she fully supported sexual abuse survivors coming forward.

Later, Howard University, where she is a dean, released a statement saying Ms. Rashad’s first tweet lacked sensitivity.

The statement read: “Survivors of sexual assault will always be our first priority,” adding that the university leadership’s personal positions do not reflect Howard University policies. However, Mr. Cosby endorsed Ms. Rashad’s original comments, criticizing the institution’s position.

He said the university should support people’s freedom of speech, which is supposed to be taught every day at its law school.

Mr. Cosby also claimed that his conviction was not overturned on a technicality and compared the media to the people who stormed the US Capitol in January, saying that “media insurgents” were trying to demolish the country’s constitution on Independence Day.

“No technicality – it’s a violation of one’s rights and we the people stand in support of Ms. Phylicia Rashad,” he wrote.

Ms. Rashad faced harsh criticism, and some online users said that she should not remain in her position at Howard University, where she was appointed dean of its re-established College of Fine Arts.

However, she sent a letter to parents and students offering her sincere apologies, CNN reported.

The letter’s message stated that Ms. Rashad planned to participate in active listening and training to reinforce university protocol and conduct. Moreover, she allegedly vowed to become a stronger ally for sexual assault survivors and for those “who have suffered at the hands of an abuser.”