Globe Meets Sir Tom Jones, the Legendary Singer and Performer

The famed British singer Sir Tom Jones, adored by millions of fans across the world for his remarkable voice and raucous stage presence, is returning to Bangkok for a long awaited show on March 14th at UOB Live, EMSPHERE. Sir Tom is renowned as one of the UK’s top vocal talents, with a long list of hits including “It’s Not Unusual”, “Delilah” and “Sexbomb”.

Throughout his 60-year career in music, Tom has sold over 100 million records, managing to appear an incredible 36 times on the UK Top 40 chart, while scoring multiple illustrious awards. In recent years, viewers have been impressed by the honesty and expertise he’s brought to popular TV music contest The Voice UK, where he is one of the four coaches.

Globe recently had the pleasure of interviewing the Welsh singing sensation as his highly anticipated Bangkok tour date draws closer, during which Sir Tom revealed the genres of music he loves, the best aspects of working on The Voice, and his top songs to sing live.

Sawasdee kap, Sir Tom! We are very excited that you shall soon return to Thailand, and perform in front of your legion of followers in the country. Could you tell us about your latest tour, and what fans can look forward to when you grace the stage in Bangkok?

Well, I’ve just completed my British tour and I also performed in many European countries. Before that, I’d been touring in the United States, which was last year. The Bangkok show will feature a number of songs from my most recent album “Surrounded by Time”, as well as all the worldwide hits I have had. I think people deserve to hear those tunes, including my smash singles like “Green, Green Grass of Home” and “What’s New Pussycat?” along with the newer tracks, including “No Holes In My Head” and “I Won’t Crumble With You if You Fall”. I would also like to find out from the crowd (hopefully I will) whether they enjoy my renditions of these tunes, both old and new, which I often do during my other shows.

Pop, R&B, show tunes, country, dance, soul, gospel – your fantastic repertoire of songs includes a wide variety of many different genres. Which of these types of music do you consider to be the closest to your heart, Sir Tom, and how have they influenced you?

I would definitely say soul music is at the heart of my style. Since I began my music career in the sixties, I tried to inject soul music into every song that I create. So, I consider myself a soul singer. I also love blues, gospel, and country. So you could say a bit of everything!

Your role as a coach on The Voice UK, the prestigious music talent TV show, keeps you very busy and its latest series recently wrapped up. Considering that you’ve mentored so many aspiring talents, what is the most rewarding part of coaching on The Voice?

The most thrilling aspect of the show for me is when all four coaches turn their chairs, and then the contestant you want to be on your team chooses you. It is a nice feeling to know that younger singers today believe I have something valuable to teach and support them with, which I genuinely do. For me, it’s the best thing about being a coach on The Voice.

Your most recent LP “Surrounded by Time” was a huge success, which earned you the number one spot on the UK Official Albums Chart. Are there any tracks on this record that are meaningful to you, likely to excite your fans when you perform on March 14?

My favourite song on that particular album is “I’m Growing Old”, which I’ve held onto since it was handed to me when in my 30s – back in 1972 or 1973. I loved it even then but I felt I was too young to record it at that time because it’s about someone growing old. So I held onto it. Thinking that one day I would be old enough to sing it. And here I am! As a matter of fact I opened one of my concerts with this song. It makes such a strong statement now that I am older and wiser. It’s one of those tracks that makes you think – and I love songs like that. There is also another song I really enjoy called “One Hell of a Life”, written by a Welsh lady. It is about my life, and I plan to perform it at the end of my show in Bangkok.

“It’s Not Unusual”, “What’s Up Pussycat?”, “Help Yourself”, “Sexbomb”, “She’s a Lady”, “Green, Green Grass of Home”, “Delilah”  – The plethora of hits you have had is mind-blowing! Which of them is your all-time favourite to sing to live audiences, and why?

That would be “It’s Not Unusual”, which is the most important tune for me. It still resonates when I perform it. I recorded the song in 1964, and a year later it was a huge hit, changing my life completely. To this day it is my most significant song and I get the biggest reaction for it at my shows – it still feels absolutely incredible to perform it live on stage, and I also notice from the audience’s response that they love and appreciate hearing it every time!

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