Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher Divorce After 14-Year Marriage

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher on Friday announced their divorce after nearly 14 years of marriage and more than two decades together.

They shared the news of their separation on social media, revealing that they had made a joint decision to end their marriage last year.

The couple, who are parents to three children, first met in 2001, got engaged three years later, and then married in 2010.

Accompanied by a photo of themselves dressed in tennis attire, they shared: “After a long tennis match lasting over 20 years, we are finally putting our racquets down.”

In their Instagram stories post on Friday, Baron Cohen and Fisher emphasized their longstanding commitment to privacy and mentioned they have been quietly navigating this transition.

“We will always share our devotion and love for our children. We sincerely appreciate your respect for our family’s wish for privacy.”

Baron Cohen first gained public attention in the 1990s with his character Ali G and has since become well-known for his portrayals of the Kazakh journalist Borat and the Austrian fashion reporter Bruno.

Fisher, an accomplished actor as well, began her career on the Australian soap opera Home and Away before transitioning to film, with notable roles in Wedding Crashers and Confessions of a Shopaholic. She is also a published author of children’s books.

Last month, Baron Cohen became embroiled in a public disagreement with Australian actress Rebel Wilson before the launch of her memoir.

The memoir contains accusations against Baron Cohen, who reportedly threatened legal action in response.

Wilson recounted being asked to perform actions she found demeaning and described feeling humiliated and sexually harassed during filming.

She likened Baron Cohen’s behavior to that of a schoolyard bully who targets others for ridicule.

Baron Cohen has strongly refuted these claims, asserting that Wilson’s portrayal of the events surrounding his 2016 movie Grimsby is completely untrue.

The UK publication of Wilson’s memoir was delayed, with a new release date set for 25 April, though it is already available in the US.