Toutai Kefu and His Family Attacked in Their Home

Toutai Kefu is fighting for his life in a Brisbane hospital after being stabbed during a break-in at his family home on Monday.

Per reports, three people broke into his home in the early morning hours and Kefu suffered the injuries while protecting his family.

The 47-year-old heard noises and when went downstairs confronted the men and was stabbed in the stomach.

Several ambulances arrived at the scene. Kefu was taken to hospital and is in a serious condition but is expected to survive.

His wife and children also suffered several injuries.

The neighbors heard the noise, called the cops and managed to catch one of the offenders who is a juvenile.

Detective Tony Fleming said that they received a call about 3.15am.

“The information police received that people unknown to the family had entered the house and people had been stabbed,” Fleming said.

“I understand the residents of the house woke to noises inside the house and one of the adults went to investigate those noises.”

“I understand that person was accosted by at least one of the offenders in the premises and threatened to be stabbed if they didn’t hand over vehicle keys.”

“Other members of the family came to that person’s aid and during this time very significant injuries occurred to the family as a result of what we will allege is the actions of the offenders who have broken into the family’s home this morning.”

Regarding the injuries, Fleming said:

“His initial condition was described as critical but expected to survive. The mother has suffered very serious lacerations to her arm. I’m told that her wounds are very significant.”

“Two children, young adults have been the victims of the offences as well. The adult male suffered terrible wounds to his arm and back.”