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Architect Expo 2023 Kicks Off Tomorrow at IMPACT Arena

An extensive variety of construction goods, building supplies, and innovations will be showcased at the Architect Expo 2023, commencing tomorrow and occurring daily from 10am to 8pm until Sunday, located at Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani.

The event is coordinated by the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) under Royal Patronage, in partnership with TTF International, marking the 35th installment of Asean’s most expansive building technology exhibition.

Over 800 exhibitors from Thailand and abroad will be present to display their products and services in the construction and building sectors.

This edition of the event emphasizes the concept “Time Of Togetherness,” as it unites five professional organizations in the architecture domain for the first time.

These organizations consist of ASA, Thailand Interior Designers’ Association (TIDA), Thai Association of Landscape Architects (TALA), Thai Urban Designers Association (TUDA), and Architect Council of Thailand (ACT).

A main attraction will be exhibits showcasing exceptional projects by architects and designers from the ASA, TIDA, TALA, and TUDA.

TIDA will reintroduce the TIDA Salone: Designer Showcase, featuring numerous mock-up spaces designed by prominent designers in cooperation with material providers and contractors.

Displays from the TIDA Awards will be available, along with a talk for interior design enthusiasts, an academic seminar for interior designers, and a designated area for guests to rest and purchase souvenirs.

The TALA will exhibit exceptional Thai and regional landscape work to offer visitors a deeper comprehension of the landscape.

Attendees are also encouraged to visit the TALA Classroom, where intriguing subjects such as “Chef and Landscape”, “Certified Arborist”, and “Basic Knowledge and the Importance of Soil for Landscape” will be presented.

The classroom will have an arena-style setup with a soothing atmosphere.

Visitors can also enjoy agricultural discussions with landscape architects and learn about landscape photography from skilled photographers.

The TUDA will compile thesis and design projects, academic research, urban development initiatives, and exceptional urban design and development works from prominent companies.

Additional highlights of the expo include the Thematic Pavilion, demonstrating the potential of construction materials that surpass our expectations.

There will also be the daily ASA ACT Forum, and a seminar named “BIMobject Live Thailand 2023” to inform attendees about digital construction trends on Friday at 1pm.

Entrance to the expo is free of charge. For additional information, you can visit