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Pattaya Set To Host International Cannabis Festival Next Month

Popular tourist destination Pattaya is set to host a highly anticipated international cannabis festival next month, celebrating the plant’s legalization in Thailand 120 days after it was removed from the country’s narcotic list.

From September 9-11, the Central Pattaya department store will host the CISW Cann Festival Thailand 2022, an event that promises to promote the resort city as a hub for plant-related health tourism.

The festival is held thanks to a collaboration between Pattaya City, CISW Green World Co Ltd, and Central Pattaya. Its main objectives include promoting the medical use of cannabis and hemp while the participants expand their business network to gain more competitiveness in the industry.

CISW Cann Festival Thailand 2022 brings together brands and companies to unveil products made with cannabis and hemp – including food, cosmetics, and beverages – and carry out activities focused on machinery and education related to the plants.

The event will also see business matchmaking to attract Thai and foreign investors, motivating them to invest in cannabis and hemp projects.

CISW Cann Festival 2022 focuses on four activities of interest. In addition to business matching, there are three exhibitions: Hemp Expo, WCD609 Thailand, and Miss Cannabis Thailand contest 2022.

This year’s Hemp Expo brings together local and international hemp business owners for a knowledge-sharing experience to spread valuable information about the plant’s benefits.

Thai and worldwide companies come together at exhibition booths to show how Thailand can maximize medical opportunities to become a cannabis and hemp hub in Asia.

The festival also hosts WSC609 Cannabis Day, an exhibition that seeks to show the world Thailand’s potential to become a global benchmark in relation to the growing medical cannabis industry.

During that week, Miss Cannabis Thailand 2022 will also take place. This beauty pageant event hopes to find a beautiful Thai female representative with broad knowledge about hemp and cannabis.

The contest’s winner will represent locally harvested hemp, cannabis, and other herbs to raise awareness on the matter. This woman’s work will also include efforts to promote useful medical products’ information and educate people on the plants’ benefits in favor of farmers, state enterprises, communities, and private organizations.

Miss Cannabis Thailand 2022, which awards winners with over 200,000 baht, is also expected to promote ecotourism and hemp/cannabis-related tourism in Thailand.

CISW Cann Festival 2022 will be held on September 9-11, 2022, in Central Pattaya. Those looking for more information can visit: