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Explore Contemporary Artworks by Talented Artists at Maison JE

A selection of artworks by renowned Thai and international artists will be showcased at the Collectors Gathering at Maison JE Bangkok, located on Surawong Road. This event will last for a month, starting on January 12 and concluding on February 11.

This exhibition is a joint effort between the newly established art space in the historical area of Bangkok and the Art Auction Center, a prominent figure in Thailand’s art auction scene.

It will feature 44 contemporary artworks by 36 modern artists, representing the artistic vision of the collectors.

The exhibit demonstrates the deep insights and perspectives of the collectors on contemporary art and its relevance in society. For many collectors, a remarkable piece of art parallels the depth and nuances of a conversation.

The premise of the exhibition is that each artwork holds significant meaning. The pieces that resonate deeply with a collector often reflect the era’s values, the collector’s discerning taste, and their emotional bond with the art.

The stories behind these artworks transcend cultural and historical boundaries, enhancing the value of art by mirroring emotions, aesthetic appeal, and beauty.

The exhibition will be organized into six distinct sections, offering visitors the opportunity to delve into the fascinating stories behind the selection of each artwork.

Viewers will gain insight into the unique perspectives and intentions of each collector, connecting them more intimately with the artists’ inspirations.

Featured artists include Kusama Yayoi, Alex Face, Pitakpong “Pex” Jamesripong, Jirapat Tatsanasomboon, Phromphiriya Kongsathit aka Aof Smith, Autit Pohkham aka Jayato, Satoru Koizumi, Farley Del Rosario, Jeremy Yamamura, Takeru Amano, and RYOL.

The exhibition is open for public viewing every day from 12 pm to 8 pm. For more information, visit or directly call: 096-221-1646.