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Metro Art Series 2: Underground Art On Display at Phahon Yothin

After the successful launch of Metro Art Series 1 earlier this year, Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Limited (BEM) is taking another step forward.

They are teaming up with Bangkok Metro Networks Company Limited (BMN) to organize events within the rail system, as they manage both the expressway and MRT Blue and Purple Lines.

Teaming up with a group of public and private sector collaborators, they have revealed “Metro Art Series 2” under the overarching theme of “Playable Art”.

The spectacle features esteemed urban artists “The TU!!” and “Wild So Serious”, who will display their art pieces and interact with travelers at Phahon Yothin MRT Station, offering an entertaining and inventive artistic encounter.

The objective of this gathering is to stimulate and electrify MRT commuters, encouraging the continuous growth of art programs while nurturing a dynamic artistic community.

The Metro Art Series extends its reach by hosting art workshops and a wide variety of engaging activities at Phahon Yothin MRT Station.

The program provides interactive art mediums at every designated stop and exhibit space, including Art Ar Play, Art Exhibit, Art Playground, Art Music, Art Prop, Art Bomb, Art Workshop, Art Contest, Art Learning, and Art Market.

An additional focal point is the “Paint Here Alright” area, where individuals are invited to let their artistic spirits run wild, and paint on common objects, thereby transforming them into distinct pieces of art.

This opens up a gateway to a limitless realm of imagination and promotes innovative thinking.

Moreover, Metro Art provides a multitude of workshops tailored to different art styles, allowing individuals of all ages and genders to immerse themselves in the art world.

For those who enjoy leisurely shopping in a laid-back environment, the “Marche De L’Art” art market is a must-see. Housing over 100 shops, it presents a broad array of fashionable art products for purchasing and collecting.

Live music performances are another key feature, included in Metro Art Live Music activities, lending a lively atmosphere and filling the event with cheer and dynamism.

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