Airports of Thailand To Operate Three Regional Airports in 2024

Airports of Thailand (AOT) is set to operate three regional airports starting from the third quarter of this year.

The organization is currently awaiting the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) to provide official airport certification for Udon Thani, Buriram, and Krabi airports, following their handover from the Department of Airports.

It is anticipated that the certification process will conclude in six months, or by the middle of this year.

“Once we receive the certifications, AOT will begin the development of its airports as planned”, stated Pol Gen Wisnu Prasatthong-osot, chairman of the board at AOT.

AOT has outlined a plan to allocate 10.36 billion baht for the enhancement of these three regional airports to accommodate an increased number of passengers and flights:

– Krabi airport will receive an investment of 6.4 billion baht to expand its capacity to 12 million passengers annually and 31 flights per hour.

– Udon Thani airport is set to receive 3.5 billion baht to increase its capacity to 6.5 million passengers per year and 20 flights per hour.

– An investment of 460 million baht will be made in Buriram airport to boost its capacity to 2.8 million passengers annually and 25 flights per hour.

“AOT is on track to commence operations at three airports in the third quarter of this year”, confirmed Kerati Kijmanawat, the president of the agency.

He noted that transferring the management of these regional airports reduces the financial burden on the government and enables AOT to enhance the aviation network and initiate marketing strategies with neighboring airports.

Furthermore, he mentioned that AOT would take over the management of properties and personnel following the authorization to operate the three airports.