Bangkok Bank Launches “Same, but Different” Mobile Banking’s Version

Bangkok Bank announced that it would launch its new version of mobile banking in 2021. But, this time, it brings a “Same, same but different because we understand you better” concept.

The firm introduces six video clips to create a more customer-friendly experience. This new version includes outstanding features aimed at responding to customer’s functional and emotional needs.

The renewed mobile banking also creates a closer, easier, and more relevant access for an escalating number of new generations.

The bank’s goal is to increase its user base to more than 13 million users. According to Bangkok Bank Executive Vice President Prassanee Ouiyamaphan, Bangkok Bank’s mobile banking underwent a redesign revamp mid-last year and is now more modern and user-friendly.

It supports user behavior in the “new normal” and provides an improved experience for every customer.

Moreover, new functions have been added to meet users’ requirements while adapting to various financial transactions. Investors will enjoy a wide variety of investment features, privileges, and promotions.

The app also comes with five short feature videos, and all of them focused on raising awareness and learning about its features, such as withdrawal, payment, transfer, and more.

Besides, mobile banking brings one hero video, which encourages people to start using the app with the hashtag “#TryItNow.” It also shows the company’s strategy to make communications more effective with improvements in online and offline channels.

Those interested in watching the video clips of “Bangkok Bank Mobile Bangkok, change to understand yourself better” can visit Bangkok Bank’s YouTube channel.