Commerce Ministry Launches New Year Discount Campaign

The Commerce Ministry plans to collaborate with over 300 manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and convenience stores for a large promotional event. This event will feature reduced prices of goods and services as a special New Year’s gift for the public.

Wattanasak Sur-iam, the director-general of the Internal Trade Department, notes that this discount campaign is in line with government efforts to alleviate the cost of living for Thai citizens.

This upcoming event is a continuation of a previous project that began on October 2 this year and is set to conclude on December 31.

Scheduled to start on December 15 and run until January 15, 2024, the new discount campaign’s details are expected to be announced shortly.

In October, as part of the government’s “Quick Win” policy aimed at cutting expenses, boosting income, and expanding business opportunities, the Commerce Ministry collaborated with 288 business operators.

This partnership led to price reductions on 151,676 items nationwide for three months, ending December 31.

Over 150,000 products and services saw price cuts up to 87% in the scheme, which was projected to decrease the cost of living by 2-3 billion baht.

According to Mr. Wattanasak, this policy has been effective in spurring spending and stimulating the economy.

He highlighted that the upcoming price reduction program would be one of the largest, covering all product categories including food, beverages, essential goods, agricultural products, and services, thereby lowering living costs for people.

In related news, Mr. Wattanasak mentioned that the department kept an eye on the prices of 18 product categories and observed stable pricing.

These categories include instant noodles, fresh and canned food, packaged rice, seasoning sauces, vegetable oil, soft drinks, dairy products, electrical appliances, animal feed, cement, medicine, and medical appliances.

He also noted that the prices of some items have decreased, aligning with promotional campaigns from shopping centers and retail stores.