CP Group Teams Up with French Firms for Innovative Projects

The Charoen Pokphand Group Company Limited, also known as C.P. Group, has publicized its plan to partner with major French firms across sectors like agribusiness, renewable energy, and transportation.

The intended partnership and associated projects are expected to create trade and investment ties, import cutting-edge technology and innovation to Thailand, and fuel job growth in both the Thai and French local economies.

Chairman of C.P. Group, Mr. Soopakij Chearavanont, expressed: “We are excited about the tremendous opportunities ahead for C.P. Group.”

“We will partner with leading French companies that will drive breakthrough innovative solutions in key sectors of economic growth and further facilitate cross-border trade and investment flows between France and Thailand” he revealed.

Mr. Suphachai elaborated: “The partnerships will not only create enormous commercial opportunities.”

“More importantly, they will create job opportunities in local communities and address some of the most pressing sustainability and livelihood issues around food security, transition to clean energy, and the need for transportation infrastructure that enhances rural-urban connectivity” he continued.

Mr. François Corbin, the designated representative of the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs for economic relations with ASEAN countries, is overseeing the French end of the projects.

He expressed that “There are not only many opportunities to develop economic relationships between C.P. Group and French Corporations. There is clearly a common willingness to work together and to deliver concrete achievements.”

In collaboration with French business associates, C.P. Group aims to foster technological and innovation exchange across several fields.

This includes venturing into renewable energy projects with a focus on wind, solar, and energy storage technologies across the Asia-Pacific region.

C.P. Group’s wholly owned branch, Altervim Company Limited, and TotalEnergies Renewables aim to support the transition to low-carbon sources and reduce electricity costs in Thailand and Asia.

The potential 2 GW capacity expansion is expected to further the Group’s Carbon Neutral and Net Zero ambitions for 2030 and 2050, guiding the group’s investment decisions in the clean energy realm.

C.P. Group is also undertaking another project, focusing on establishing expertise in high-speed rail operations and innovative infrastructure development.

In collaboration with Egis Rail Academy and other leading French firms in the industry, they are planning to establish a Training Academy.

An agreement was signed in March 2023 to equip employees and engineers with the necessary skills to construct and operate Thailand’s first high-speed rail, which will link three crucial airports as part of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor.

Improving food supply and quality is an integral part of the project. This project is known as the “Kitchen of the World,” where C.P. Group plans to collaborate with French food manufacturers in dairy, meat, and supplements.

The aim is to introduce a diverse range of high-quality French food products to Thai consumers through the Group’s consumer and retail channels.

Furthermore, C.P. Group is exploring opportunities with French companies to bolster food security in both nations. An inland shrimp farming project in France is currently under consideration.

Boosting Thailand’s aerospace and urban air mobility ecosystem: C.P. Group is exploring partnerships with French aeronautics to improve Thailand’s air and space capabilities through infrastructure development, and innovative products, services, and solutions.

Aligned with their goal of promoting a sustainable society via quality food, technology, and innovative products, C.P. Group is eager to collaborate with French corporations and seize the commercial opportunities presented with their French business counterparts.