Fujifilm Launches Total Printing and One-Stop Printing Shop

In recent years, the rise of new technologies, especially in the realm of photographic printing, has led to the increased popularity of photo sharing.

The modern world tends to involve less physical interaction and human touch due to the widespread use of screens that save time and money.

To rekindle the charm of preserving memories and nurturing artistic expression, Fujifilm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides a nostalgic experience with accurate, top-quality saturation at reasonable prices.

This offering is accessible to both photography enthusiasts and small businesses across the nation, despite the uncertain economic climate.

Fujifilm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. recently introduced its “Total Printing Center and One-Stop Printing Shop” business model as a component of the worldwide “NEVER STOP Believing in Print” initiative.

This approach aims to transform conventional photo printing stores into comprehensive printing service providers that cater to the evolving requirements of consumers and SMEs.

Expanding upon Fujifilm’s “Photo NEVER DIE” concept, additional formats such as stickers, logos, and photobooks have been incorporated, enabling images to serve purposes beyond memory preservation and providing increased business value.

A basic collection of photo prints can inspire creativity, leading to the creation of photo collages at home or personalized desk decorations.

“We are committed to helping traditional printing shops transform into Total Printing Centers and One-Stop Printing Shops,” states Ms. Piyachanok Sirimangkla, Business Development Manager, Graphic Communications Business Division, Fujifilm (Thailand) Ltd.

“Growing demand for packaging printing requires printed materials such as logo stickers, product labels, menus, brochures, and business cards.”

She went on to say “Fujifilm offers on-demand printing services with no minimum order quantity, allowing customisation of size, pattern, and quantity as needed.”

“Our innovative ‘Total Printing Center’ and ‘One-Stop Printing Shop’ business model empowers our partners to adapt and expand the services they offer through their traditional film processing and printing shops,” she added.

“With capacity empowered by Fujifilm’s ApeosPro C650 production printer, a complete range of printing jobs is available in different sizes and formats while maintaining professional colour quality and speed.

Ms. Piyachanok continued “This saves costs and enables wide-ranging print orders as needed. The value-added services help strengthen the business, upgrading it into a ‘Total Printing Center’ and ‘One-Stop Printing Shop’ , so everyone can thrive.”

Fujifilm remains dedicated to offering inventive printing solutions and continues to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with those who place their trust in Fujifilm’s all-encompassing services.

With these endeavors, Fujifilm aspires to address the changing needs of customers while also preserving the tradition of printing under its “NEVER STOP Believing in Print” campaign and “Value from Innovation” motto.